Speech Therapy Services

The Unique Power Of Individual Sessions at Smalltalk

Unlocking Potential with Personalized Speech Therapy in Albuquerque

Speech Therapy Services

The Unique Power of Individual Sessions at Smalltalk

Unlocking Potential with Personalized Speech Therapy in Albuquerque

Photo of Tanya Friend, Owner of Smalltalk
Hi there! 👋 I’m Tanya, owner of Smalltalk. I’m excited to share with you the unique benefits and personalized approach of our individual speech therapy sessions.


We work diligently to find a convenient time for therapy in your busy schedule. Our business hours are:

M-F  9:00AM – 5:00PM



30 minutes of direct instruction with 15 minutes set aside at the end for parent consultation and training.  


We seamlessly work with your insurance for billing, ensuring a hassle-free process for your child’s therapy sessions.

At Smalltalk Speech Therapy, we understand that every child’s path to effective communication is unique. Just as our group sessions offer a collaborative and dynamic learning environment, our individual therapy sessions provide a tailored, one-on-one approach that addresses the specific needs and strengths of each child. Keep reading to learn how our individual sessions complement our group therapies, offering a comprehensive approach to speech development in Albuquerque.

The Smalltalk Approach: More Than Just Speech Therapy

While our group sessions create opportunities for social interaction and collaborative learning, our individual sessions focus on providing personalized attention and customized strategies. This dual approach ensures that each child receives the best of both worlds – the social and peer learning benefits of group sessions and the focused, individualized attention of one-on-one therapy.

Addressing Specific Needs:

Our individual therapy sessions are particularly beneficial for children who:

Require Focused Attention: Some children benefit from the undivided attention of a therapist to work intensively on specific speech and language goals.

Need Tailored Strategies: Each child is unique, and so are their learning needs. Individual sessions allow for the customization of therapy techniques to suit each child’s learning style and pace.

Prefer a One-on-One Setting: Some children thrive in a quieter, more personal setting where they can build a strong, trusting relationship with their therapist.

Enhancing Overall Development: Nurturing Every Aspect of Your Child

At Smalltalk, we believe in the ‘whole-child’ approach, a philosophy that sets us apart in Albuquerque’s early education scene. In our individual sessions we don’t just focus on speech and language skills; we strive to:

  • Integrate Mind, Body, and Emotion: Inspired by our ‘whole-child’ philosophy, we include activities that support emotional well-being and physical development alongside speech therapy.
  • Create a Playful and Engaging Environment: Following our belief in ‘Laughter & Learning’, we ensure each session is fun and engaging, making learning more effective.
  • Involve Families: We believe in involving families in the therapy process, providing guidance and activities that can be continued at home, and ensuring consistent progress. We are here to provide instruction and teach strategies but the real work must happen at home!

Results that Speak: The Smalltalk Difference

In the heart of Albuquerque, Smalltalk Speech Therapy stands out for its commitment to each child’s unique journey. Whether it’s through group sessions or individual therapy, our approach is always child-centered, nurturing, and holistic. Our team of dedicated professionals is not just focused on improving speech but on enhancing the overall quality of life for each child and their family.

Your First Step to Success: Beginning Individual Therapy at Smalltalk

Embarking on the journey of individual speech therapy at Smalltalk begins with a crucial first step – the evaluation process.

This comprehensive evaluation is essential to tailor our therapy to meet your child’s unique needs. To learn more about how to get started and what to expect, see the detailed evaluation process below, where we guide you through every step of this important beginning.


Evaluations are a comprehensive examination of your child's speech and language abilities. An evaluation involves detailed testing and analysis to understand the specific nature of any speech or language issues. It provides a speech and language diagnosis and forms the basis for creating a tailored therapy plan.

NOTE: If Smalltalk requests your insurance information, your child will receive a full evaluation service (not a screening) and your insurance will be billed accordingly. Expect the total time needed to be around 1 hour.


Parents initiate the evaluation process by contacting Smalltalk. They will be asked to provide basic information about their child.

(505) 821-1638

enroll online


Once enrolled, Smalltalk will schedule the evaluation at a convenient time. If you enroll online, Smalltalk will reach out within 24 hours.


Parents are advised to arrive prepared with specific documents for the evaluation. This includes:

  • Driver’s license or another form of ID.
  • Current insurance card, if applicable.
  • Completed intake paperwork, which can be filled out in advance.


A qualified speech therapist conducts various activities and tests. These are designed to assess different aspects of speech and language, including articulation, fluency, receptive and expressive language skills, and social communication abilities. The evaluation itself is a thorough process, and the time it takes can vary depending on the child’s needs.


The therapist will review the findings and discuss them with the parents. This includes an explanation of any diagnoses and recommendations for therapy or further actions. If therapy is recommended, a personalized plan will be developed based on the evaluation results, tailored to the child’s specific needs.