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Smalltalk’s Preschool Readiness Groups

Transforming Preschool Preparation in Albuquerque

Speech Therapy Services

Smalltalk’s Preschool Readiness Groups

Transforming Preschool Preparation in Albuquerque

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Hi there! 👋 I’m Tanya, owner of Smalltalk. I’m excited to share with you how our Preschool Readiness Groups uniquely prepare your child for preschool, nurturing their overall development in a way that truly sets us apart in Albuquerque.



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Smalltalk Speech Therapy’s Preschool Readiness Groups are more than just a stepping stone towards formal education; they are a gateway to holistic growth and lifelong skills for your child. As a parent, navigating the maze of preschool preparation can be daunting. You want to ensure your child is not only academically ready but also socially and emotionally prepared. This is where Smalltalk’s program stands out. We innovate to effectively address these concerns.

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Addressing Parental Concerns: More Than Just Speech Therapy

Our Preschool Readiness Groups are designed to alleviate the common worries parents face:

Is my child socially ready for preschool? Our groups foster social skills, encouraging children to interact, share, and play collaboratively.
Will my child be able to follow instructions and routines? We integrate activities like calendar, weather, and seasons to familiarize children with structured settings.
How can I support my child’s emotional development? Our program emphasizes emotional well-being through yoga and mindfulness, ensuring children are emotionally resilient.

A Holistic Approach: Nurturing Every Aspect of Your Child

At Smalltalk, we believe in the ‘whole-child’ approach, a philosophy that sets us apart in Albuquerque’s early education scene. Our groups don’t just focus on speech and language skills; we integrate:

  • Yoga and Body Movement: Enhancing physical coordination and awareness.

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  • Music and Literacy: Cultivating a love for rhythm, sounds, and storytelling.

Photo of Smalltalk Kids Doing Story Time

  • Arts and Crafts: Sparking creativity and fine motor skills.

Photo of Smalltalk Kids Crafting

  • Sensory Activities: Supporting sensory processing and exploration.

Photo of Smalltalk Kids Doing Sensory Play

Results that Speak: The Smalltalk Difference

Parents have witnessed transformative changes in their children. From shy toddlers blossoming into confident communicators to children with speech delays finding their voice, the results are heartwarming. This growth extends beyond the classroom, with parents reporting improved interactions at home and in community settings.

Why Choose Smalltalk’s Preschool Readiness Groups?

  • Expert Guidance: Led by experienced speech therapists, ensuring specialized attention to speech and language development.
  • Peer Interaction: Children learn and grow alongside peers, a vital aspect often missing in traditional speech therapy.
  • Parent Involvement: We believe in partnering with parents, providing strategies and insights for continued development at home.

Ready to Begin the Journey with Our Preschool Readiness Groups?

Smalltalk’s Preschool Readiness Groups are not just about preparing for preschool; they are about setting a foundation for life-long learning and development for your child.

Fill out the form below to start the enrollment process for our Preschool Readiness groups. We will then get in touch to finalize enrollment and provide further instructions.

NOTE: Our Preschool Readiness Groups are open to the public for a fee of $40 per session. If your child is already enrolled at Smalltalk for therapy services, or your child has received a professional evaluation elsewhere, we may be able to bill insurance.

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