last updated: march 06, 2024

Duckie’s Guide to Smalltalk’s Website Privacy

Keeping Your Info on a Short Leash!

Woof and Welcome 🐾

Hello, humans and fellow pups! I’m Duckie, the tail-wagging, data-guarding dachshund of Smalltalk Speech Therapy. Let me take you on a sniff-around through our privacy policy – don’t worry, I’ve buried the legal jargon and dug up the fun stuff!

The Info We Fetch

When you visit our website we might sniff out personal info like your name, your little human’s age, and what insurance you’re carrying in your wallet. It’s not because I’m a nosey hound – okay, maybe a little – but it’s mainly so we can set up playdates, I mean, appointments!

Trust me, as much as I love chasing my tail, I won’t go round and round with your info. It’s strictly for playdate scheduling.

Paws Off, Kids!

I love playing with the kiddos, but when it comes to sharing info, it’s an adults-only zone. So, parents and guardians, you’re the top dogs for all the info-sharing!

Keeping Your Data Buried

Your info stays within our Smalltalk yard. Just like a keen-nosed pup, we use some tech tools to better understand how our website is being used. We’ve got Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels on the job. They’re like my trusty sidekicks, helping us fetch important info about our site’s performance and how to make your visits more enjoyable. But fear not! These digital sniffers don’t get their paws on your personal details – they’re just here to improve our digital playground!

Guard Dog on Duty

Our website is more secure than my favorite dog toy. With SSL encryption and SiteGround’s Security Optimizer, believe me– your info is safe from those digital mailmen.

About Those Invisible Cookies

Yep, we’ve got cookies here – sadly, not the bacon-flavored kind. They help our site work better, like a well-trained pup.

Sniffing Out Policy Changes

Just like I sniff out new scents in the park, our privacy policy might have some new things once in a while. Check the “last updated” date for the latest scoop.

Questions? Let’s Bark!

If you’ve got questions or just want to tell me I’m a good boy (I never get tired of hearing that), email us at I’m all ears (and they’re pretty big)!